A Right to be Wrong?

Job 1

Job was a man that God bragged on. Not only did he do everything he could to be righteous but, he did all he could to cover his children as well.  Though his children were grown, he still interceded for them and still influenced their daily lives regularly. He did not assume that his children wouldn’t sin because he “raised them right” or “taught them better.”  He rightly assumed that they might sin and offered sacrifices on their behalf, just in case.

So, when Satan came before the Lord, God drew attention to the righteousness of Job. He pointed out a man whom He knew everything about, inside and out. God knows the heart and He knew that Job was not sinless, because no man is, but He agreed to have him tested. We know that God is perfect so we should never be afraid to test the Lord in what He says, knowing that He will not fail in what He has promised (Malachi 3:10).

Job had such a trust in the Lord that no loss would cause him to fault the Lord for it. In our culture, we have this mentality that we “deserve” better if something bad happens to us. Where is that found in scripture, that we deserve or that we are entitled to a certain type of life? Job did not respond by saying that God was wrong to allow those things because God is never wrong. He did not respond by sinning against someone else, claiming that his circumstances excused his sinful reaction, because that doesn’t excuse sin. He responded by blessing the Lord. This is only possible when we recognize our position before God.

When we filter everything thru the fact that our God is sovereign and our God is good, it gives us an entirely different view than the rest of the world. When we trust Him, we have an unshakable foundation that keeps us anchored in the calm eye of every storm that rages.

More people need to know this. I need to tell them and you need to tell them that they can have this anchor. They can trust our God. Without it, the most awful things are excused. If a girl is raped, she has been sinned against, but does that excuse her sinning against the child conceived by that action by killing her child? Our society, even our pro-life legislation, says it does. If a child is conceived and the parents are young, poor or uneducated, is the killing of the child more acceptable because the parents or the child “deserve” a better life? Our culture says that’s true.

The murder of children is excused on a daily basis because our moral foundation is the sand of circumstances and not the rock of our God. Some of you have read the end of the story of Job. But, at this point, Job had no guarantee that anything in his life would be restored. He didn’t know about the conversation between God and Satan and he didn’t know the end of his own story.

He just knew his God.

Do you?

Do you know that there is no excuse, no exceptions for sin?

Because you should if you claim to know my Jesus.