We are the Minnesota branch of the national movement to abolish human abortion. 

Our mission: To live out the gospel in a culture that kills its children. Living out the gospel requires defending “the least of these”, the smallest of the human race. Reaching our culture with the gospel and strict opposition to human abortion are inseparable. We believe that a convert to Christ is a convert to abolitionism.

Our motivation: We are completely Christ-centered and believe that every person, from the moment of fertilization, is created in the image of God. Human abortion is an attack on the image of God, as well as a denial of the truth of the Incarnation of Christ.

Our position:  Human abortion is a new life being destroyed and is therefore murder. We will not apologize for being Christ-centered and will not shy away from the truth of the Gospel in order to unite with the modern pro-life movement.

Our intention: To create conflict; to be dissidents of this culture of death. We seek to divide the world between those who are keeping abortion from being abolished (Pro-choicers, Personally-Prolife-Prolifers, Abortion Advocates, and Abortionists) and those who are seeking its immediate and unconditional abolition (Abolitionists).