Another Heart

1 Samuel 10-11

God granted Israel their request for a king. He chose a man named Saul and told him that the Spirit of the Lord would come upon him (10:6-7). The people’s desire for a new king was indicative of their lack of faith in God, but God was still orchestrating events. His grace and love for His people was still evident in that He chose to fill His chosen leader with His Spirit and promised to be with the king He chose.

God gave this king “another heart” (10:9). It isn’t a change of intellect  or circumstance or anything else that  makes us more able to share what God has place in us. It is a change of heart that God gives us (10:10). If you are still thinking “If only I had (fill in the blank), I could serve the Lord better”, whether it be in abolition or anything else, that isn’t what you need.  You need God to change your heart.

God continued to make it clear that the people’s request for a king was a rejection of His provision and protection (10:17-19). However, God was still working in people’s hearts, even with a generally disobedient nation (10:26). When the Spirit of God came upon Saul, even Saul’s anger was righteous (11:6).  Additionally, when Saul acted in the power of God, his actions caused the people to fear the Lord and obey Him (11:7).  Consequently, though Saul was their earthly king, the credit for Israel’s victory in battle still belonged to the Lord (11:15).

I pray that my actions and yours will be guided by the Holy Spirit. It is only by the Holy Spirit that our hearts will be changed, we will become new people, and our actions will cause people to fear the Lord.  We must rise up in the power of God or we will not rise at all. Praise Him for the victory is His.