Berea Jubilee and Sapphire Roses

How I went from personally “pro-life” to being an Abolitionist

 For as long as I can remember, I have believed that life begins at conception, that abortion was wrong no matter what. But I’ve never done much, if anything, about it.

  I always thought those protesters outside abortion clinics were crazy activists.  I certainly never saw that vehemently and publicly opposing abortion was vital to living out the Gospel in a culture that murders its children. I didn’t see it until it became personal.

In October of 2012, I went to the doctor for a routine prenatal checkup at 37 weeks, only 3 weeks before my due date.  Just 6 days before, we had heard our little girl’s heartbeat. Her heartbeat was strong and, as far as we knew, nothing was wrong. But, this time, when the doctor checked for her heartbeat, it wasn’t there. The doctor kept checking and still found nothing. An ultrasound confirmed that her heart had stopped and our baby had died. I delivered our stillborn daughter on October 30th, 2012. We named her Berea Jubilee.

About 6 years before, I had lost another child. I had a miscarriage and I heard a doctor coldly refer to it as a blighted ovum. Another doctor said I was mourning the loss of future dreams for a baby.  I wanted to tell her I was mourning a child, not potential dreams, but I didn’t.  I allowed medical professionals to dismiss my baby as a non-existent pipe dream.  When Berea died, no one tried to tell me she wasn’t a baby, even though she never breathed outside the womb.  And when I miscarried again in January of 2013, my doctor – the same doctor that delivered Berea – recognized that I lost another baby and mourned with me.

These babies that I miscarried became my Sapphire Roses because sapphire roses do not exist. You see, that is what the pro-choice movement thinks of all three of the children I lost. The pro-choice mentality insists that unborn babies are not really babies at all. In fact, they are not alive, not even human, if they have not taken a breath of air. They are called products of conception, tissue, parasites, ovum, embryos, fetuses…. anything but a baby. They must use these terms to dehumanize an unborn child in order to make it completely justifiable for a mother to kill her own child.

I am a mother who has lost 3 unborn children and mourned their deaths.  I cannot imagine how twisted a heart a person must have to insist that a woman will be more liberated, more successful, and generally in better circumstances if she would just choose to pay someone to kill her own child.

 To those who still embrace the rape exception, why would you tell someone who has suffered abuse that killing their own child will help them heal and why would you support killing a baby for the crimes of his father? To those who believe there should be an exception for the life of the mother, you should know that this circumstance simply doesn’t exist. Killing the child before treating a mother’s illness is never necessary. There are no exceptions.

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 Answering the Call

So how does this lead to me calling myself an abolitionist instead of pro-life? Pro-life says you are against abortion. However, the pro-life movement has been compromising and making exceptions since it began 40 years ago. Every law and every politician that claims to be pro-life abandons rape-conceived babies, abandons babies and mothers when the mother has a difficult medical situation, abandons babies that are less than 12 or 20 weeks gestation, abandons babies with disabilities or that are the wrong gender. None of this gets us any closer to abolishing abortion. It only puts a time limit or condition on when it’s ok to kill your baby.

How is being an abolitionist different? An abolitionist believes that living out the Gospel and the church doing what we are supposed to do is the key to abolishing abortion. An abolitionist is a Christian doing what a Christian is supposed to do in a culture than offers its children on the altar of convenience.

 Consider this:

Job, when he had lost everything, said that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away and then blessed the name of the Lord. We must bless God in the good times and the bad. But we must remember that it is God’s job to give and to take, not ours. It is not our job nor anyone else’s, regardless of credentials, to decide what should be given and what should be taken. If God sees fit to allow the conception of a new life (thru completely natural means, no less), then who are we to decide that life has caused a hardship and must be extinguished for the sake of what we deem convenient for us? And when I say “us”, I mean all of us, every person in this nation that is not actively opposing this abhorrent practice that is so passively accepted in our culture. Is it inconvenient for you or me to stand at an abortion clinic and publicly protest the practice of murdering babies by tearing them from their mother’s womb limb from limb? Is a baby’s life worth enough to you to be uncomfortable? God made us in His own image. Every human being is stamped with the image of God.  What is the image of your God worth to you if you allow it to be destroyed? Jesus esteemed a child’s faith as an example for us to follow. What is your faith worth to you if you don’t see the smallest child as worthy of protection?  In regards to God judging our service to Him, He says whatever we did to the least of these, we did it to Him. What is your service worth if you allow the smallest, the least, of His image bearers to be destroyed?

 So being pro-life says what you think about abortion.

 Being an abolitionist says what, in God’s name, you intend to do about it.


I am an abolitionist.

What are you?