Brought Down

1 Kings 9:1-9

Solomon had just finished building the temple and his own house when the Lord appeared to him. The Lord told Solomon that he had heard his prayers and requests and that the name and presence of the Lord would remain with the temple. The Lord went on to say that the throne would stay in Solomon’s family, as God had promised his father David, as long as Solomon did all the Lord had told him. But, if Solomon or his sons walked away from God and failed to follow His commands, Israel would be overthrown. All who saw the ruins of the temple and the land would know that God had done this because His people had turned their back on Him.

We know that the good that happens brings glory to God. It is also true that calamity can do the same. When the calamity that comes upon us is a result of us not walking with God, it shows that God has not changed. His standard remains the same even when we fail. Whether it is thru obedience and subsequent blessing or disobedience and subsequent judgement, God’s perfection is on display.

He won’t be brought down by our failings.

But we will be.