Change Us First

Numbers 25 & 31:1-18

Balaam was a prophet hired by the Midianites to curse Israel. When he could not curse Israel, he instigated (31:16) the events that led to Israel incurring God’s wrath on themselves (25:1-9). Midian could not conquer or curse Israel so they sent their women to seduce them so God would judge the nation rather than protect them. The enemies of ¬†God cannot succeed against those God has chosen to protect. The best they can do is get them to sin so God will judge His own people.

This ploy was effective. But, in the end, the Midianites paid dearly for it. An enemy of God may succeed in getting children of God to sin, but when God’s people repent, those that tempted them and conspired against them will be reduced to dust (31:7-18).

The church of God in this country is weak and full of compromise. We allow the mass murder of innocents to go unchecked because standing against it would cause discomfort. We need to repent and use the message of the Gospel to drive a spear thru the heart of the abortion industry as Phineas did with the open sin in Israel (25:7-8).

We can’t begin to judge the unbeliever until we have judged ourselves. What lust and love of self has incurred God’s judgement on us? How is it that those who claim the name of Christ in this nation, have nearly the same rate of divorce, fornication and abortion as those who don’t? God will judge us. When we repent and root out the sin in our midst, then He will judge those against us.

Change begins with the people of God.