Influence the Nation

1 Samuel 12

 God is still reminding the Israelites that their request for a king was wicked even as He allows them to have what they ask for. He reminds them that He is still in charge and they must still seek to obey His law and follow after Him. If the people obeyed the Lord, they and their king would prosper, but if they did not, no earthly king could save them from the judgment of God. Regardless of current leadership or past sins, it is still my obedience or disobedience to God that will cause me to stand or fall.

In America, we like to blame our government, particularly our president, for our problems. We have deceived ourselves. We always have influence in our government, not just in voting, but in how we influence our culture. God called us all to be light to a dark world. Collectively, as the bride of Christ, I believe we have failed to bring the light of the Gospel to our culture, both in word and in deed. Consequently, our nation has turned it’s back on God. By the apathy of pew-warming Christians in this country, we have allowed our current culture of degradation and, by default, requested our current administration. God has granted our collective request and, harsh as it sounds, we have the government we deserve.

Our government is not to blame for the millions of children aborted over the last four decades. We, who know the truth, have failed to light up our world with the Gospel. We have failed to live and speak a godly, biblical world view that would make abortion unthinkable, regardless of it’s legality. Christian, do not pray for a different government to lead us. Pray for God to move and to change hearts, starting with yours. When we seek the Lord and obey Him, then, and only then, will our nation, our culture, our laws, our leaders, begin to change. Light it up and live the Gospel. That is the heart of abolition.