Just Stand Up

1 Samuel 17:30-18:5

David boasted in God’s strength, not his own, but king Saul missed that entirely. He focused on David’s ability vs Goliath’s ability (17:33). The only ability that was relevant was God’s. Even so, David is able to reference experience in fighting an enemy bigger than himself (17:34-36), but he does not fail to reference God’s strength as a vital element to his success (17:37).

Saul says “the Lord be with you”, but still attempts to help God use David by giving David armor he doesn’t even know how to use (17:37-39). David goes back to the tools he had when God gave him the victory before (17:40).

We don’t need extras to help God accomplish His will for us. Stick with the tools He has always given you to accomplish victory. Namely, stick with His Word. Other gimmicks, though seemingly appropriate to the situation, are not always needed. Sometimes, they are even a hindrance. Seek the Lord for whatever physical tools He may want you to use in a given circumstance. Go with what He tells you to use, not what others may suggest. Going in the power of God is the important thing, not doing what looks right to everyone else.

David wasn’t showing off his own abilities. He was showing off God’s ability. He was showing this, not just to the enemies of God, but to the people of God (17:47). Apparently, Israel didn’t know God’s power either. They should have. But, they didn’t. Both the enemies of God and the people of God needed a reminder that He had the power.

All it took was one man – or, in this case, one boy – to stand up in God’s strength (17:50-53). Once he stood up in the strength of God and won, all of a sudden, everybody wanted in on it. It only takes one voice of courage to light a fire under those who should have stood up and didn’t.

When you are the first one in a situation to stand up and say something, the first to act as if you really believe that God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do, others may take courage and fight alongside you. David didn’t set out to make a name for himself. He didn’t show up to the battle to fight. He just came to drop off some food and get an update for his dad. But he saw a situation, looked at it from a godly perspective, publicly stated that view, then acted on what he said he believed. All of a sudden, he had the respect of seasoned soldiers and was accepted as a leader among the people (18:5). This all started ┬ábecause he did what was right, even when it meant standing alone.

We should all seek to be that kind of person. Some of us will be leaders because we were the first to stand up. But, we are not all leaders, so if you follow, follow that kind of leader. Simply put, follow those who follow Christ (1 Cor. 11:1).