Legitimate Rebel

1 Samuel 22:6-19

King Saul’s true colors are coming out. He is willing to destroy those who serve the Lord to protect his place of power. At this point, though it appears that he has all the marbles and the deck is rigged in his favor, God has left him. He cannot prevail, but his sin has left him blind to this reality.

In this case David appears to be the renegade outlaw against a legitimate government. But what God has approved and ordered is, many times, not the same as what looks acceptable to men. When the reigning government turns it’s back on God, it is, in fact, the “rebels” who are following the lead of the Holy Spirit. Saul was the king as long as he lived, but God had made it clear that David was his chosen one now and Saul had been spiritually dethroned.

A government that is in rebellion to God is doomed to fail. Regardless of how illegitimate is appears, those that are following Christ and doing His bidding have more right to lead than whoever is recognized as a leader by an official title.

In this country, if you are an evangelical Christian and you actually live it out, especially if you believe abortion (among other things) is wrong, our government thinks you should be on a terrorist watch list. Find your peace in Christ because you won’t find it in this world. True legitimacy is found in Him. Obedience to Christ is your safety net.

Oh, and welcome to being a legitimate rebel.