Maybe it’s just you.

Back when Gideon judged Israel (Judges 6-7), God used him, along with 300 men, to defeat a much larger army. Three hundred is a small number compared to millions or even thousands. But it seems insurmountable when you are all by yourself.

In Judges 15, with Samson, God shows again that numbers don’t matter in the least. But this time, He does it with only one man. One man with the Lord can win against 1000 to 1 odds. Literally. (Judges 15:14-16) Yes, we can be victorious with 300 against thousands, but we can also be victorious with just one.¬†One is where is starts.

Later, Samson was Israel’s judge for twenty years. But, he first stood alone in the power of God.

One is where is starts.

When I first talked to my pastor about AHA, I simply said, “I’m willing to do it alone, but I’d like the church’s help.” My husband and I now lead that ministry in our church. But, every time I think I’m in it alone, God reminds me of what I said at the beginning.

Are you the one and still waiting for your 300? Maybe you won’t get 300. Maybe it’s just you. God’s power is all you need to get it done.

Don’t wait.