Regenerate Grace

1 Samuel 28:3-19

Saul had been without the Holy Spirit for some time. But, even then, he asked Samuel, God’s prophet, to inquire of the Lord for him.  When Samuel died, Saul tried to seek the Lord on his own and God would not respond to him (28:6). God will come at the call of those who are devoted to Him. Knowing someone who is spiritual is no substitute for having your own right relationship with God. Human leaders are fallible and finite. Only a relationship with God Himself will put you in a position to call on Him for help in your time of need. Someone else’s relationship with God will not be sufficient.

When God did not answer, Saul decided to turn to a medium for help instead. Saul had apparently gotten rid of the mediums (28:3), but somehow he knew his servants could find one for him (28:7). Regardless of the rules we put in place for ourselves to control evil, if there is no heart change from God, we will still know where to find evil and seek it out. That is precisely why the only cure for the ills of our nation is the message of the Gospel. Yes, abortion ought to be against the law. But, legal or not, those bent on rebellion against God will seek it out. People need to be regenerated by the Holy Spirit thru faith in Jesus. It is the Gospel of grace and not the law that will truly rid this land of the shedding of innocent blood.

The medium that Saul found was immediately suspicious of his request. She feared the law enough to hide, but not enough to repent (28:9). Ironically, Saul reassured her by swearing by the Lord, even as he rebelled against Him (28:10). People can use the name of the Lord, not only when God is not with them, but when they are in open rebellion to Him. Be sure those you listen to are following the God of the Bible. It is possible for a man to swear by the Lord and do evil.

The medium brought up Samuel’s spirit (28:11-14). Samuel’s final prophecy was from the grave (28:16-19). God is not limited by death and, by His power, neither are we if He so chooses to use us that way.