Remember and Overcome

In Joshua 4:1-7, God instructs the Israelites to set up a memorial of 12 stones after they cross the Jordan River. God is providing a prompt, a conversation starter, a reminder for the Israelites to pass on the story of what God did for them. Not only that, this is another example of God doing the impossible for the benefit of His people. The previous generation was given the miracle of crossing the Red Sea. Now, that generation has died and God does the same thing for this generation. Every time the Israelites doubted God’s power, He reminded them of some impossible situation that He had rescued them from in the past.

We should see God’s power at work today, but having a historical reference is a powerful encouragement when we are faced with a tough situation. God is the same. His power never diminishes. He can do it again. Modern abolitionists can use the historical examples like the defeat of American slavery and stopping the Jewish holocaust as an encouragement that good will triumph over evil in the face of insurmountable odds.

Thru God’s power, great opposition to a righteous cause can be overcome.

We have a righteous cause and we are following God’s will.

We can overcome.