Rip My Heart Out

Job 3

Job would not curse God because of his circumstances, but he still was discouraged and despondent to the point of wishing he had never been born. He was not charged with sin in this reaction – not by God, at any rate. Quite frankly, sometimes life just sucks and we don’t know the purpose of it all so this is all we can think to do – wonder why even we exist. It is not wrong to desperately desire to know what on earth God is doing when we are in the midst of deep pain.

Knowing God means knowing He has not wronged you, that He cannot be faulted with sin. Discouragement is not necessarily the result of our own sin, nor is it a sin in and of itself. It means we are steeped in pain we do not understand.

Did you know there are people out there that really do wish they had been aborted? After reading this chapter of Job again, I am not so quick to judge their despondency. It is absolutely true that potentially preventing a child from having a hard life is not an excuse to murder them. But let’s be realistic in how we address this. You can, as Job did, do just about everything right. Yet, you still have circumstances that are a hand reaching into your chest to crush your heart until you wish it would stop beating so you feel nothing. Or your daily burden leaves you so exhausted and hopeless that you wish, when your head hits the pillow at night, your tired soul could just sleep forever and not wake up to another day of oppression. A certain extremity of pain can make numbness so attractive, it’s almost seductive.

Listen up! This is why a goal of “saving babies” is so incredibly shallow! There is no question that abortion should be against the law and I, for one, will fight for that. But the law cannot save a soul or mend a broken heart. Only God can do that. This is why abolition is gospel driven, as in living the whole gospel; being Jesus to others.

That’s our foundation.