Sure of God’s Plan

Nehemiah 2

Nehemiah has received word of the devastation in Jerusalem and was noticeably discouraged, so much so that the king took notice of his obvious sorrow. It was risky to be sad in the king’s presence. Nehemiah had never shown sadness in front of the king before, but this time it appears it showed, despite his efforts to conceal it. Nehemiah feared the king’s reaction, but upon explaining the reason for his sorrow, the king offered assistance (2:4).

Nehemiah prayed for God’s guidance before answering (2:4) and the king granted all Nehemiah asked for. So, the credit belonged to the Lord for the favor shown to Nehemiah by the king(2:8).

Initially, Nehemiah told no one of what God had put in his heart, but simply carried out what he could, trusting the plan to the Lord (2:12-16). Being sure of the plan God gave him, Nehemiah then brought it to the people (2:17-18) and shared what God had put on his heart.

When you are sure of a course of action God has given you, you have no need to consult a committee or ask approval from men. Nehemiah asked the king for what God directed him to say, but he did not ask anyone to cosign God’s plan. Instead, he simply stated what God would have them do and the men followed him (2:18).

Once the work was begun, other men came to discourage them. And when they began to mock the plan (2:19), Nehemiah was not shaken at all in his resolve because  he was solidly rooted in the will of God (2:20).

Know what God has for you. Seek His will, His plan, His steps. Be sure of God’s approval and you don’t need anyone else’s. Share the plan He has laid on you heart; godly men and women will follow you and the rest can be confidently dismissed.

Easier said than done?


But, do it anyway.