The Tutor’s Duty

Romans 3

This passage is addressing Jews that know the law of God and comparing them to the lawless Gentiles. Paul is telling them that knowing better means we ought to be doing better. The same thing can be said of Christians. We know God and we know His Word. We have the advantage over those who do not have this knowledge.

That doesn’t mean we are better than them (3:9-18). Without Christ, we are no better than anyone else. That’s the only difference, the only thing that makes us good. Depravity in the world should come as no surprise. Always trying to see the best in people is not helpful. In fact, it’s fairly delusional from a biblical standpoint. We simply don’t have a “best in us” if we don’t have the love of Jesus in us. If you really want to love on people. love them in their sin and love them into the arms of Jesus. They’ve got nothing good going for them if you don’t.

 People need to be taught the law so they know where they stand (3:19-20), but the knowledge of the law is not enough to make someone righteous. Once the law has educated us in the enormity of our guilt, then we recognize the need for Jesus.

It is faith in the saving power of Jesus that sets us free from the condemning weight of the law (3:21-26). The burden we can never bear was lifted off our backs by what Jesus did on the cross. No one can be justified by the law, but the knowledge of the law certainly ought to make us grateful for mercy.

We have nothing to be proud of. Nada. Zilch. The law show us the trap we’re in  and Jesus is the way out. It is not obsolete nor outdated. We need to know what it is because it tell us we have a problem that only Jesus can solve (3:27-31).

That’s why we say that the answer to abortion is the Gospel. The solution to any sin problem is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s also why changing the laws of our land is important. It’s not that the law itself can solve anything, but it accurately diagnoses the problem.

You wouldn’t believe the number of times abolitionists hear some variation of “I know it’s killing a baby, but it’s legal, so it’s ok.”  The law is a tutor (Gal. 3:24). and right now it’s teaching  people that murder is just fine. And do you know who taught them that?


Every “pro-life” law on the books says it’s permissible to kill a baby as long as it’s before 20 weeks gestation or before 12 weeks gestation, or the child is disabled, or conceived in rape…and on and on the excuses, I mean “exceptions”, go. So, “pro life” legislation contradicts the law of God. Understand this: if people do not know they have sinned, they will not know they need saving from sin. We call it murder because we know a Savior who forgives murderers.

Abolish (not regulate) human abortion.