Time To Rally

Nehemiah 3-4

Nehemiah chapter 3 is one long list of people and places along the wall for Jerusalem. It’s easy to get bored with the details, but there’s a point to this list. Everybody has a job to do. One man was given the vision but it took a coordinated effort to put the plan into effect. Do your job – the piece of the puzzle God has for you.

In verse 12, it specifies that a leader of half the district of Jerusalem made repairs, along with his daughters. It’s not clear what all the other women were doing, but it clear that women are not excluded from doing the work alongside men. Strong women are needed as well.

As the list goes on, the Tekoites are named for a second time (vs 27) as they worked on another section of the wall. In the work God has for you, you may have more than one task. Don’t put yourself on the shelf once you’ve finished with one thing God has for you. Find out what else there is and go do that. Continue to do the work as you are able until the job is done.

Despite continued opposition (4:1-3), Nehemiah continued to trust God (4:4-5) and the wall was joined together because “the people had a mind to work”(4:6). Lord, give your people a mind to work! As they worked, those that opposed the work became angry and conspiratorial (4:7-8). Doing the work of the Lord is going to anger some people. They will conspire against you to stop the work of the Lord. Expect it and don’t let it stop you (4:9).

Nehemiah continued to stand firm and take measures to defend the people and the task at hand (4:9-14). Yes, you can defend the work of the Lord with a show of physical force. Sure, we should seek peace when possible and biblical, but do not allow your biblical position to be pushed aside for the sake of peace. Whatever wall you’ve been asked to build, defend it.

So, the tasks were expanded to ┬áinclude defense. Sometimes your job is to labor and sometimes your job is to defend the laborers (4:16). And sometimes you are called to do both at once (4:17-18). Everyone along the wall was prepared to defend themselves and to call for help if their place on the wall was attacked. We all have our own places to serve, but there are times when we all need to rally and defend one area together. When it comes to abolition in Minnesota, it’s time to blow the trumpet on our section of the wall. It’s time we did that as a church. Let’s have an abolitionist conference here and let’s work together to get the job done.

Time to rally.