Trust Fund

1 Kings 17:8-24

After two more horrible kings, the ten tribes of Israel were judged by God with a terrible drought. Eventually, God sent the prophet Elijah to a poor widow woman, promising that this woman would provide food for him. She had only enough to make one more meal and then her and her son thought they would die the next day. Elijah promised that God would sustain them if she provided food for him as well. She obeyed and was blessed.

Being poor yourself does not excuse you from providing for those that the Lord has put in your path. This woman physically provided for Elijah and, in turn, God supernaturally provided for her. God is our Provider. We have no need to consider whether or not we can “afford it” when He tells us to aid another person. This woman had next to nothing. It was giving the little she had, obviously the last she had and what any one of us would say is something she needed, that resulted  in her needs being provided for by the Lord for much, much longer than she could have provided for herself. Don’t wait until you have just a little bit more to decide to serve the Lord. Give all  that you have and trust Him to provide as only He can.

Following many days of this woman seeing God’s provision, her son becomes sick and dies. In her grief, she blames the prophet and Elijah then cries out to God to heal the boy. When the child revives, his mother responds by saying that she is now assured Elijah is a man of God and speaks the words of God.

So, my first thought was…say what?! The food miraculously provided for days on end wasn’t enough to convince her? Man, she’s a hard sell, isn’t she? Then again, she believed when her son was brought back to life. We have a resurrection to convince us and we still struggle with the idea of God providing food!  Maybe the hard sell is in us a lot deeper. Strange how we say we trust the sovereignty of the Lord for our eternal salvation but fail to seek Him for our daily provisions.

Perhaps that is where I’m at with foster care and embryo adoption. I keep thinking that I need a bigger house, more space, more money, more…something. My Father has a trust fund and I have access as long as I walk in His will. Why am I not using it? Maybe, just maybe, I need to step out in faith, start the process, one step at a time, then see what God does.