When The Gavel Falls

1 Kings 14:1-18

Jeroboam became an evil king, but when his son became ill, he sent his wife to seek help from Ahijah, a prophet of God (vs 1-3). She went in disguise, but the Lord revealed to Ahijah who she was (4-6). Ahijah then told her the fate of her son and of Israel (7-16) and all that he told her came to pass (17-18).

It’s funny how people ask for help from someone they know has the ear of God, but they still think they can hide things. If someone is direct communication with the God who knows all things, why would you think you can lie to them? Jeroboam was confident that Ahijah would know from the Lord what would happen to his son, but somehow missed that Ahijah would also know from the Lord who his wife was. There is a cognitive dissonance that occurs in the mind of those not walking with God. They cannot see past their own contradictions.

Your sin may keep you from seeing the heart of God and knowing what He says. However, it will not keep God from knowing your heart nor what you say or do. The loss is always yours should you choose not to follow Him. The heart of God may be grieved but it is no less righteous or knowledgable.

Know this when dealing with someone walking in sin: the most loving thing you can do is to combat lies with truth. God routinely asks those who speak for Him to speak truth, not matter how unpleasant it is. Yes, you are supposed to call out sin, both personally and nationally. Sometimes the words you must speak are a call to repentance, but sometimes they are simply a proclamation of judgement. The latter is always the hardest because we want mercy, grace, repentance and reconciliation, as God does. We want the happy ending. But there is always a point in everyone’s life for the final gavel to fall. Be grieved but do not be afraid to speak.