Word of God, word of men.

1 Kings 13

A man of God from Judah was sent to tell King Jeroboam how God would judge the king for his disobedience. He was told not to eat or drink anything in that area (Bethel) and return home by a different route (1-10). He resisted an offer of food from the king (7-9) but was tripped up when the same offer was given by another man of God – an old prophet in the land of Bethel who claimed an angel said he could eat there (15-19).

“Men of God” can lie and sometimes they lie to one another. In this case, the prophet who believed the lie suffered worse than the man who lied (23-25). Why did God judge him worse? Because the Lord had already spoken to him and told him exactly what  to do. He went against the Word of the Lord because another man told him to.

No matter what other men say, regardless of what title they hold, do not value what they say over the Word of God.  Just because God speaks thru someone does not mean every word out of their mouth is from God. In vs 20-22, the old prophet is speaking the Word of God, but he previously lied (vs 18). Make sure that the words of a man of God line up with  1.) what the Bible, God’s written word, already says and 2.) with what God has already said to you thru the Holy Spirit. No matter if the man of God has spoken  the word of God accurately before or after he speaks to you, if he contradicts what God has already said, do not listen to him in that moment. Also, don’t let someone’s age be a factor in whether or not you obey them if they are clearly contradicting what God said.

But, rest assured, even when  a man of God disobeys and suffers for it, the words he spoke when God gave him something to say still ring true ( 26-32). He was disobedient later on, but his prophecy from God was accurate. God’s perfect word comes thru imperfect men. Though men – even godly men –  fail, the Word of the Lord will never fail. Judge what you hear by this standard.